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11 Reasons You Should Get A Weimaraner

Are you wondering if this breed is for you? Here are 11 reasons why you should get a Weimaraner. If you’re still not sure and have more questions, do check out the FAQ. If your question isn’t there, feel free to contact me!

Weimaraners are smart

Weims are a very intelligent and confident breed. They’re very easy to train, however they need firm but kind handling. They don’t react well to harsh treatment. They need clear rules and boundaries but even then they will try to test them.

Weimaraners are low maintanence

Weimaraners have no undercoat and while they do shed, the maintenance of their coat is fairly simple. They don’t need to be bathed often unless they roll in something smelly. Thanks to their coat any dirt falls right off and with the right diet, their coat is shiny and they don’t have that “dog smell”.

If you’d like to learn more about Weimaraner’s coat, I wrote an article about it here.

Weimaraners are good family dogs

Despite their large size, they are a good family dog. As long as the family keeps active and gives the dog enough exercise, the dog will be happy. The bond with their owners is strong and they are affectionate, so they’re suitable even for families with small children.

Weimaraner puppies can sometimes get rambunctious during play and since they’re pretty large, they can knock smaller children over. They love to play with kids though! I’ve written an article about whether Weimaraners are good with children here.

Weimaraners are good protectors

While they are great hunters, they are also very good protectors of their family. They are not an aggressive breed but if someone has less than good intentions, a Weimaraner will react accordingly and protect their owner without needing to be trained to do so. Once the danger has passed, they’re back to kind and friendly.

During defense training (police service dogs, etc.) Weimaraners aren’t scared yet they don’t look for the opportunity to bite.

Weimaraners are loyal

Weims get very attached to their families, so much so that they have been dubbed as “velcro dogs”. They will follow you anywhere, bathroom included. A lot of owners say that male Weimaraners are often much cuddlier and needier than female Weimaraners

Weimaraners will keep you in shape

It’s no secret that Weimaraners are a high energy breed. They need a lot of exercise, both mental and physical. Bear in mind they are bred for endurance as well, so you will sooner tire them out with puzzle games rather than physical exercise.

Physical activities for Weims:

  • fetch
  • running
  • agility
  • dog biking
  • treadmill
  • game of tug

Here are some great games for mental stimulation:

  • training / improving basic obedience
  • teaching tricks
  • hide and seek
  • stuffed Kong toy
  • snuffle-mat / puzzle toys

Weimaraners are great hunting dogs

Weimaraners were first bred to be companions for hunters and their natural prey drive makes them a great hunting breed. In the past they were used for hunting large game but in more recent years they’ve specialized in animals such as foxes, ducks, pheasants, rabbits and others.

Weimaraners are very versatile

While hunting and shows are two possible paths for Weimaraners, the breed is extremely versatile. Their natural enthusiasm for work, their intelligence and especially their sense of smell can make them great:

  • Police service dogs
  • Rescue dogs (people in rubble, natural disasters)
  • Detection dogs (drugs)
  • Service dogs for people with disabilites

Not only are they great in these fields, they are also used in canistherapy and dog sports such as agility, dog trekking, bikejoring (dog pulls a cyclist), etc.

If you don’t plan any of these for your Weim, don’t worry! They will be just as happy being a companion dog, as long as you exercise them adequately.

Weimaraners are incredibly cute

Whether it’s a Weimaraner puppy with sky blue eyes and floppy ears or an adult dog with amber eyes and still those floppy ears, they will be cute in any age and any situation.

Stole one of your socks and is staring at you with it flopping from their mouth? Cute!

Giving you the puppy eyes because they really need that piece of bacon on your plate because they haven’t eaten in 84 years? Cute!

Look into their eyes!

A Weim’s eyes start out sky blue and as they grow up from pups, they change into light to dark amber colors, some Weim may retain a hint of blue and have more silver eyes. Stunning!

Weimaraners are special

Weims are very goofy even if they don’t mean to be. Almost all (if not all) dogs of this breed sleep like this:

Are you decided yet? Or do you already own a Weim? Let me know in the comments below!

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