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Are Blue Weimaraners Rare?

With a slightly tinted coat, a huge and solid build and a pair of beautiful blue eyes, Blue Weimaraner is a class-apart dog that has a loyal and huge fan club.

However, blue Weimaraners are not really rare though blue Weimaraner puppies may cost more than their gray or silver counterparts.

This highly intelligent, social and regal breed is a native of Germany. If you’d like to read more about the origins of the Weimaraner breed, I’ve written an article about that here.

Its unique and rare coat with bluish-grey hues is what led to its name. But in the canine world, the blue Weimaraner breed is highly controversial. So, how did an astonishingly beautiful dog become a part of the scandal? Let’s find out!

Why Are They Called Blue?

Before diving into this interesting post on blue Weimaraners, do you know what exactly is a blue coat and how it’s different from the regular black and gray coat?

The blue coat doesn’t mean that the coat of a dog looks real blue but it refers to a slightly tinted coat with a very unique icy sheen much like steel. The tint is not sky blue or navy blue, it’s a cooler color that adds hues to the coats of dogs and make them different from the gray and typical black coats of other breeds.

Generally, the bluest part of a blue-coated canine is its nose. While the coat is not actually blue, the nose might have a real blue tint to it. Blue coat dogs sometimes have attractive blue or light gray eyes as well.

Blue Weimaraner Vs Gray Weimaraner

So, how does a blue Weimaraner differfrom gray or silver Weimaraner? Let’s find out!

Silver Weimaraner

Gray or silver Weimaraner is a lovely and unique dog breed. With a shiny silver coat, large built and highly social behavior, they are among the most popular dog breeds in the world. But ironically, they are named as Gray Ghost due to their unique coat. They can easily blend into their surroundings.

These dogs have a full range of varying hues. Some have diluted brown or chocolate color coats, some feature a shiny beige coat while others are more towards sandy hues. They have a huge spectrum of colors and variations.

Blue Weimaraner

Blue Weimaraner is exactly the same as gray one in terms of behavior and temperament. The only factor that makes it stand out is its coat that appears as a diluted black instead of brown.

Many describe the color as “charcoal gray” and this color spectrum ranges from faded blue to dark blue.

Apart from the difference in coats, both varieties have the same traits and behavior. Plus they’re equally beautiful!

Do Blue Weimaraners Shed?

Yes, much like their gray counterparts, blue Weims shed just as much (or as little). I’ve written a post about Weimaraner shedding here and how to take care of their coat.

History Of Blue Weimaraner

Now that we’ve discussed the color scheme of this amazing canine, we still haven’t discussed why a blue Weimaraner is looked upon in a less favorable way than a silver one.

To answer this question, we have to flip the pages of history where a presumed pooch, Cäsar von Gaiberg is believed to be the originator of the blue Weimaraners we have today.

This pedigree canine, also famous by his nickname “Tell”, was born in 1947 in Germany, according to the records. Tell was a beautiful, intelligent and a fine specimen of a canine. He produced a good number of praised offsprings.

Eventually, Tell was brought to America by an officer who was stationed in Germany. After coming to states, he carved his name in bold in history by giving rise to the authentic US Blue Weimaraner.

So, Cäsar von Gaiberg is the originator of this beautiful dog breed.

blue weimaraner

Are Blue Weimaraners Accepted By The AKC?

Blue Weimaraners are accepted by AKC but they aren’t considered as the pure breed canines. They aren’t allowed to participate in all the events. Again, the good news is, the offspring of two AKC-registered Weimaraners are considered as purebred by AKC and they enjoy all the rights as other pure breed canines. However, they are not recognized as purebred in other countries.

What Is The Controversy Linked With Blue Weimaraner?

Shortly after Tell was imported to the states, the poor dog found himself in the center of controversies.

The biggest Weimaraner controversy is linked to “Weimaraner Club of America” which disqualified the coloration in 1971.

From then onwards, the questions on the origin of blue within the canine world were being raised, staking its reputation. This disqualification decision led to the exclusion of blues from a number of global events. Even today, a blue Weim can attend a canine event but can’t participate in shows.

How Much Does A Blue Weimaraner Cost?

The average cost of a blue Weimaraner puppy is around $800 to $1200 in the US. You can get gray or silver Weimaraners for slightly less than blue ones, usually around $700 to $1000, depending on the breeder and the parents’ status. While these puppies are expensive, their unique appearance makes them worth having in your home.

Are There Any Blue Weimaraner Breeders?

Blue Weimaraners have suffered due to poor breeding practices for a very long time. And because they are disqualified as purebred by AKC, a majority of reputable breeders don’t breed them. However, there are some breeders that take the advantage of the “blue coat” and these puppies as a “rare” dog breed at very high prices.

Sadly, you can’t do anything but purchase them at the given rates just to have them at your homes.

So, are blue Weimaraners rare? Blue Weimaraners aren’t rare or subjected to any poor health condition. They are just like the normal Weims but with a different coat.

It goes without saying that you should always work with the reputable breeder if you really want to have a blue at your home. This is very important because poor breeding may result in bad behavior of the pup and can subject it to serious health issues.

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  1. Nancy
    March 30, 2021 at 9:18 pm

    I’m curious if you know when they usually have there first heat and at what age is best to have them spayed?

    • Dana - author
      March 31, 2021 at 8:19 am

      First heat for most dogs is around the 12 month mark with slight variations and blue Weims are no exception. Most vets recommend spaying after first heat between 12-18 months. I wrote an article about Weim spaying/neutering here if you’d like to get more information. 🙂

  2. Bonne Payne
    Bonne Payne
    August 29, 2021 at 9:41 am

    I love weimereiners .I had one once, he was lovely dog. Very sweet, and beautiful, my brother owned his father, both beautiful, great dogs

  3. Mike
    September 2, 2022 at 5:18 am

    My 11month old Weim (Female) is Absolutely Amazing. Her Personality is so Human like Affectionate and Intelligent. She is hands down the Best Dog Ive ever owned.


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