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Are Weimaraners Good With Children?

With great intelligence and hunting qualities, Weimaraners are known to be one of the best family dogs. However, they need proper training and if you are an owner who can understand and take responsibility of this super energetic doggo, then he can be your best pal.

Weimaraners are great with children but you have to train your pooch and teach your child how to behave around a dog so no one gets hurt. No matter what the breed of your dog is or how kind your dog is, you can never leave it unsupervised with your child.

Extra care should be taken as Weims can be too rambunctious without sufficient physical exercise and these big sized pups can easily knock down a kid while playing with them.

Weimaraners and Children

It’s really important to build a strong relationship between your pooch and kid and for that, you need to understand your dog breed.

Characteristics of Weimaraners

  • Height: 23 – 27 inches
  • Weight: 55 – 90 lbs
  • Life span: 10 – 13 years (the longest living Weimaraner lived for 18 years and 10 months)

Weimaraners belongs to the Sporting group classified by the American Kennel Club (source). Being high-energy dogs, they need a lot of physical and mental exercise and as such are not suitable for people who aren’t active and aren’t willing to change that.

Weims are great family pets and are friendly with everyone, though each dog is different. Nelly is friendly with strangers, she doesn’t fear people, which is good. Socialization is the most important thing to do for your puppy – exposing them to hundreds of people, dogs, animals and situations early on can prevent behavioral problems in the future

They’re also pretty easy to train: most Weims, if not all, are food driven and eager to please their owners. They’re smart, so they learn quickly but can also be stubborn.

How Should Children Behave Around The Dog?

Like you train your dog, you need to teach your children, especially little ones how to get closer to a dog and touch them. You must always stay alert while your children are interacting with a dog to prevent any incident.

Nelly at 4 weeks
Nelly at 4 weeks

Caught your child biting or teasing or pulling his ear or tail or even climbing all over the pup? Stop them right away! Also, teach them not to disturb any dog while he is sleeping or eating or try to snatch his food as Weims can unintentionally hurt your younger one in such situations and you won’t want that.

Weims are great for children 6 years old and older, as they have a tendency to knock smaller children over in their exuberance. If your older child is running, the dog may chase it and end up crossing their path and may knock them over as well, so all children should be careful.

Should I Get A Puppy Or An Adult Dog?

Now that you know how Weims are, you must be wondering whether to get a pup or an adult dog. Many factors should be considered before making a decision. Are you an active person? If not, are you willing to change that? Contrary to popular belief, Weims are suitable for apartment living. If you’d like to know more about this topic, you can read my article here.

It’s best if the puppy is growing up along children. While I personally wouldn’t get a puppy if I had a baby, I’d consider getting a Weim when the child is between 2-4. Nelly was born in March 2018 and my niece was 7 at the time.

If it’s an adult dog, make sure they are okay with children and have come in contact with them before.

How Do I Introduce The Dog To The Children?

You should teach your children a set of rules before bringing the dog or a puppy into your home and they should follow these all the time:

  1. Calmly go to the dog and maintain a distance, allowing her to come to you.
  2. Touch gently and never pull or squeeze or tease or hug her too tightly. Pet her on the back at first to get her used to the touch. Don’t ever climb on the dog!
  3. Don’t offer any treats or toys in the beginning.
  4. Never disturb her while she’s eating or taking a nap.
  5. Don’t run or play loud music when she’s near you.

If you’re introducing a newborn baby to the dog, let it first smell your little one’s blanket or clothes for a while before actually introducing them. Don’t take their size lightly, as these pups are super energetic and they tend to bounce and could be rough sometimes.

I would recommend you to keep your baby as far away as possible from them. Experts say that you should either grow your kids along with them or slowly make Weims acclimate to them.

Why Are They Good For Children?

Weimaraners belong to the sporting group and will leave your kids very active. This breed is really smart in playing games and other sports; just a little training is required. Your kids can easily teach them cool tricks and keep them busy. Weims are said to be very loyal and will follow you practically anywhere, even in the bathroom. That’s why they were dubbed as the “velcro dog”.

Weims are not a good choice if your children don’t go out and spend their whole day sitting around and watching TV or playing games on the computer. They love to be around people.

People also say that they are great guard dogs and can warn you in case of any dangers. While taking them for a walk they can protect your children from strangers.

Weimaraner playing with a child

Downsides Of Having A Weimaraner Around Children

While having a Weim can bring a lot of positives into your home, there are also some downsides to having a Weim around children.

  1. As said before, the pups are incredibly energetic. While they may calm down at about 2-4 years of age, some dogs stay the same crazy dogs as they get older.
  2. If your little one offers something with his hand, make sure it’s presented on an open palm. Weims are generally food driven and can nip your fingers.
  3. If not taken out for exercise or long walks on a daily basis, Weimaraners can be very destructive.
  4. If your children don’t follow the set of rules and pull at the pups ears, tail or coat, they can get bitten.
  5. Weimaraners can be territorial around the little kids if they see them running and other animals, especially the smaller ones.
  6. They are prone to separation anxiety, which can lead to destruction.
  7. Leash pulling needs to be corrected, they are a large dog and can drag a child if the pup hasn’t been properly trained in loose leash walking.
  8. Weimaraners need to be properly trained, starting with simple commands and then moving to more advanced training. They are smart, sometimes too smart, and as a result, can get stubborn.


I think Weimaraners are great companions for children and great family dogs. With proper training they get to learn how to behave around strangers, little kids and even other animals.

Just sufficient exercise and tons of love is required to keep your dog happy and get ready to receive a lot of affection from your new family member.

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