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Best Dog Beds For Weimaraners

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I’ve done a bit of research among Weimaraner owners and their pets’ sleeping habits. While I got a variety of responses, one bed in particular, the Cozy Cave (and similar cave-like beds), was overwhelmingly the most recommended bed.

I decided to compile a list of the most common dog beds from Weimaraner owners. Read until the end of the post to get some budget-friendly ideas!

What To Consider

When looking for a new dog bed for your Weimaraner, you have to consider a few things:

  • What age is your dog?
  • Is your Weim a super-chewer?
  • Would you like to be able to wash the bed or just the cover?
  • How big does the dog bed need to be?
  • What does my dog like/dislike?
  • Do you have other pets?
  • Your budget

Age of Your Weim

As you might know, it’s not uncommon for a Weimaraner to suffer from hip dysplasia and later, arthritis (read more about common Weim health problems). If you have a dog with orthopedic problems, it’s best to purchase a bed for this purpose. It will support your pup’s weight.

Beds that are higher or on legs will be the best for arthritic dogs. Supportive beds are also great for dogs who have been injured and/or after surgery.

Chew-Proof Bed

No bed is totally chew-proof if you have a little land shark on your hands. One of the Weimaraner owners said that they don’t buy beds until their dogs are out of the chewing stage. That’s a very good idea, the only drawback is some dogs may never outgrow this habit. 🙂

Still, there are beds that can withstand power-chewers, check them out below!

Washable Cover/Washable Bed

I think all dog owners want their pet beds to be washable in some way – over time the dog bed will get dirty and smelly. It’s up to you whether you prefer a washable cover or just chucking the entire bed into the washing machine.

Size & Placement

Weims are medium to large dogs, so you have to bear in mind the size of the bed and the position your dog likes to sleep in. Weimaraners are notorious for sleeping on their backs all stretched out but some may enjoy just being sprawled out on their side or curled into a ball.

The golden rule of thumb is to measure your dog from their nose to their bum and add 5-10 inches to the measurement. When in doubt, always go one size larger if you have enough space for it.

If you have multiple dogs that like to cuddle while sleeping, consider buying an extra large bed to fit them both. If you have wooden floors, tiles or linoleum, I’d suggest getting a bed that has anti-slip bottom/legs. Make sure the bed isn’t placed in a draft.

Your Weim’s Likes & Dislikes

Much like humans, every dog is different and what one Weimaraner might love, the next one might hate it. If your pup likes to be covered by a blanket, a cave-like bed might be a great option and if you live in a colder climate, they might come in handy too.

Your Budget

Of course your budget is one of the most important factors when purchasing a dog bed for your Weimaraner. I personally think that it’s better to invest upfront in a quality dog bed recommended by fellow Weim owners rather than try super cheap beds that get destroyed within a month or that you can’t wash properly.

Of course that doesn’t mean that cheap dog beds can’t be good, there’s always exceptions to the rule!

Weimaraner Owners Dog Bed Recommendations

cozy cave

The Cozy Cave Dog Bed

The Cozy Cave was created by the company Snoozer and is one of the most popular beds of this style. If your Weimaraner loves to burrow or nest or loves being under a blanket, they might like the Cozy Cave!

If you live in a colder climate or house, this plush dog bed would be a great option. It might be also a good option for dogs who get scared, as the Cozy Cave allows them to hide completely inside.

There is a plastic tube that holds the top open, so the dog can slip inside easily. It can be simply removed so that the top comes down on the dog like a blanket. It might take a few tries for your dog to get under it but eventually they will learn how to get inside.

The Cozy Cave is made out of durable poly cotton and filled with cedar polyfill. This material absorbs odors and is flea and tick repellent. The Cozy Cave has a removable and washable cover with sherpa lining and you can also order replacement covers.

Weimaraner owners recommend the XL size, which is 45 inches in diameter. It’s a huge bed, so make sure you have enough space in your home. The XL bed can fit two Weimaraners if they like to cuddle.

The official Snoozer website


  • great for dogs who like to burrow
  • great for colder climates
  • removable cover
  • replacement cover available
  • optional personalization


  • not for destructive dogs
  • dogs may not like it or lay on top of the ‘cave’
kuranda dog bed

Kuranda Dog Beds

The Standard Kuranda dog bed is one of those hammock-style beds for dogs. They’re lifted off the ground, which makes air circulate under it, so your dog stays cool in summer and warm during colder months.

These beds are practically indestructible, the fabric is hidden inside the frame, no edges stick out, so Kuranda beds are great for dogs who like to destroy their beds. Kuranda beds are easier on the joints because there are no pressure points from the ground.

They come in a variety of fabrics and colors – you can choose fabric for indoor/outdoor use, heavy duty vinyl and more. The standard PVC beds can hold up to 100 lbs dogs, if your Weim is on the bulkier side, you can check out their aluminum alternative. If you find that the fabric isn’t to your liking, you can purchase another one separately to swap them.

They’re so easy to clean – you just need some mild soap and warm water or even just hosing it down will do the job. It doesn’t hold the doggy smell at all. The dog bed comes in parts, so you will have to assemble it. Alternatively you could contact customer support and ask if they’d be willing to send it to you already assembled.

If you’d like to make your Weim even more comfortable (and if you’re sure they’re not going to destroy it), you can purchase a special fleece pad.

If your Weim is crate trained, Kuranda also offers these beds in common crate sizes. For a Weimaraner I recommend the XX-Large bed (50″ x 35″) if yours likes to spread out. 🙂

The official Kuranda website


  • easy to clean
  • easy on joints and bones
  • destruction-proof
  • very durable
  • various material and fabric options
  • both indoor and outdoor use


  • some fabric may be too slippery for dogs
  • some dogs may not like it
sealy embrace dog bed

Sealy Embrace Orthopedic Dog Bed

Sealy is a company that makes mattresses for humans but has expanded their knowledge into pet product range.

The Sealy Embrace dog bed is made out of 10% orthopedic foam and 90% memory foam, so it’s easy on the joints and bones of your pup. It holds its shape due to the fact that each part is separate.

The bed has a fully removable cover and is machine washable. The bolster part, made out of crushed foam, has a separate zipper cover, which can be removed as well.

It’s made out of cotton and polyester blend with a no-slip bottom. It comes in 3 colors (navy, brown, gray). The best size for a Weimaraner would be the XL, which measures 48″ x 38″ x 5″.

When you order this dog bed, it will come rolled up in a box. You should allow a couple of days for the mattress to expand to its original size before using it.

You can also buy replacement covers. It does hold hair quite a bit, so my fellow Weimaraner owners recommend you use a top blanket.

The official Sealy website


  • holds its shape
  • removable cover
  • easy to clean


  • holds hair easily
  • needs time to expand
k9 ballistics dog bed

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Armored Dog Bed

Much like the Kuranda brand, K9 Ballistics also offers hammock-style dog beds. They also make regular dog beds but the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Armored bed was among the one most recommended out of this whole list.

From the name you can tell that it is indeed chew proof – the frame is aluminum, the fabric is a rip-stop waterproof breathable material and the edges are covered with the frame.

It’s super easy to clean, it doesn’t hold hair nor dirt and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. All beds should fit inside standard sized crates, so if your pup is crate trained, you don’t need to compromise.

For Weimaraners it is recommended to purchase the XL version of the bed (47″ x 29″ x 5″) if you have the space. It can hold up dogs up to 250 lbs of weight. The bed arrives completely assembled, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Compared to Kuranda, you will have to pay a little more for the K9 Ballistics dog bed. If your dog somehow manages to break any of the parts, you can purchase everything separately.

The official K9 Ballistics website


  • easy to clean
  • water repellent
  • arrives preassembled
  • rubber feet


  • a bit pricey compared to competitor
  • the fabric can be slippery

Costco Dog Beds

The Kirkland brand of pet supplies at Costo is a favorite brand of some Weimaraner owners.

Old Crib or Twin Mattress

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a dog bed, many Weimaraner owners recommend getting a crib or a twin mattress. You can find them in garage sales, charity shops or just ask around your friends and family.


  • cheaper (or free) alternative
  • good support
  • inexpensive replacement


  • not for power-chewers who like to remove stuffing

What bed is your dog using? Nelly has one of the regular dog bed pillows but I’ve been thinking about purchasing the Kuranda bed.

If your Weim has (or has had) one of the beds I mentioned above, please let me know about your experience! It will definitely help other Weimaraner owners in getting their pup a new dog bed.

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