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Best Dog Toys For Weimaraners

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Let’s be honest, Weims can be crazy energetic but that’s what we love about them. As most Weimaraner owners know, a tired Weimaraner is a happy Weimaraner.

Sometimes it’s hard to pick a toy that our pup will love and at the same time not destroy it or get bored with it within five minutes.

I decided to to make a list of toys that worked for our Weim and also ask other Weimaraner owners about favorite toys of their pups.

How To Choose The Correct Toy

When shopping around for dog toys (as you can’t have too many apparently), I have noticed that a lot of people leave negative reviews on toys that are not meant for chewing. Apparently the toy was destroyed within 5 minutes.

Nelly has two bones and a black Kong for chewing, the rest are interactive toys meant for tug and/or fetch. If I see her starting to chew on these toys, I take them away and redirect her attention elsewhere. It’s that simple.

Using this approach will make your toys last longer and you will save up money.

At the same time, we only leave one or two toys lying around, usually one for chewing and one for tug of war. Most of the time it’s the humans who initiate playtime of fetch and tug of war as she’s happy to just be in our presence.

Sometimes she goes and chews on her bone toys if she’s in the mood.

Always supervise your dog with any toy.

My Recommendations

JW Pet – Hol-ee Jumbo Rubber Ball

Nelly has had a regular basketball for some playtime. It’s little deflated so she can grab it easily with her mouth. The use is limited to throwing or kicking as you can’t really grip the ball for a game of tug.

When I came across the Hol-ee ball, I knew that it would be perfect for our Weimaraner. Not only it’s easier for both the human and the dog to grip for a great game of tug, it can also serve as a puzzle or treat dispenser.

Simply put another toy inside (can be another puzzle toy with treats inside!) or even fabric scraps and let their clever mind do the work.

We’ve had it for a little over a year now. It’s been left outside at times in various weather elements and it’s still in a very good condition. The rubber is soft on their mouths but durable.

Obviously this is not meant to be a chew toy, so I wouldn’t leave your Weim to chew on it. You can also use it inside if the weather is bad, it’s practically silent, so you don’t have to worry about downstairs neighbors if you live in an apartment.


  • both indoor and outdoor toy
  • versatile
  • durable
  • great tug toy for multiple dogs


  • jumbo size is not for small treats

Stuffing-Free Plush Toy

If you have a Weim that loves soft toys but likes to play surgeon with all stuffed toys, then these stuffing-free plush toys are great for you.

Nelly likes to take out all the stuffing from plush toys, so I thought this was a genius idea when I first saw it. At our local pet store they had a 23″ skunk, so I decided to try it.

Nelly absolutely loves it and while it misses one ear, part of its tail, one of its legs is dangling by the thread and has been de-squeaked, it’s still is a great toy for tug and fetch.

When I see her trying to chew on it and nibble off the other ear or the rear leg, I put the toy away and redirect her attention.

I took the opportunity to fix all the holes and remove the leg. Thankfully your dog won’t judge what your stitching looks like, so even a beginner can fix the toy pretty quickly.

If your Weimaraner loves nooking, maybe that can be their favorite thing to nook on.

I could only find the skunk as a part of a set on Amazon but I think it’s a great price for how many you get. This way your Weim won’t get tired of the same one and you have backups just in case it gets shredded. You can purchase the single skunk toy on Aliexpress though.


  • no mess from stuffing
  • fairly durable
  • easily fixable


  • squeakers are more accessible due to no stuffing, might be good to remove beforehand

Latex Squeaky Pig Toy

Another toy that she surprisingly didn’t destroy yet is this 9″ squeaky latex pig toy. I bought it at a local pet store and it was fairly inexpensive.

It makes a great grunting noise as opposed to the regular squeak. Nelly absolutely loves it and would play with it all day if we could endure the squeak for a prolonged amount of time.

The squeaker is usually the first thing to go but it seems she just enjoys biting and nudging it with her nose to make it squeak rather than take it apart.

I couldn’t find the exact same pig on Amazon, but I’ve found these cute polka dot ones that are very similar.

I’m not sure if the toy can withstand razor-sharp puppy teeth as we got it when Nelly already had all her adult teeth.


  • pretty durable
  • washable


  • squeaking may become annoying in short time
  • might not be suitable for puppies

Teeth Cleaning Treat Dispensing Toy

Nellie loves this bone! I can fill it up with some cool dried treats and she will get that clever mind working. She also likes to chew it just because, cleaning her teeth at the same time. Some smell from the treats may linger, so that motivates her even more to chew.

It’s pretty durable and firm, though soft enough when you press your finger/nail into it. Which means it’s not likely it will fracture or crack your Weim’s teeth.

It’s about 7 inches long (18cm) and made out of TRP (thermoplastic rubber material).

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the exact toy anywhere on Amazon or any US stores. The closest I came to was a similar bone but it’s a squeaky toy instead of a treat dispensing toy.

I found a very similar one on Walmart Canada which has the same treat dispensing mechanism. That being said, since these are not from the same manufacturer, I can’t guarantee durability.


  • good dental cleaning toy
  • firm but soft to a dog’s teeth
  • great puzzle toy


  • need larger treats
  • not available everywhere

Trixie Denta Fun Bone

Nellie had this toy for a long time and while it looks worse for wear with the chewed off ends, she still plays with it, mostly fetch and occasional chew. It’s probably not ideal for heavy chewers.

It’s made out of durable rubber (TRP) which is soft but firm enough. It’s mint flavored but I can’t vouch for that! 🙂 You can also put small treats inside the ridges.

Nellie has had it outside in all elements and beyond the visible damage, it’s still going strong.

As far as I can tell Trixie isn’t a widespread brand in the US, so the selection of their dog toys is limited. I found a similar toy in Walmart but I’m not sure if it’s a knock-off, so can’t guarantee quality.


  • durable but not too hard on the dog’s teeth
  • can be used as a puzzle toy
  • can be used as a fetch toy


  • might not be suitable for heavy chewers
  • not available everywhere

Honorable Mention – Kiwi Walker Octopus Toy

I promise that Nellie enjoys this toy a lot, even though it doesn’t look like it in the photo! She’s had it for a long time at home, so I decided to buy it here too since I puppysit her and she visits quite a bit. She was so excited!

Unfortunately, this is a local company, which hasn’t expanded into other countries just yet, so I just wanted to put this here as a honorable mention. You can check out the official website for more details.

Other Weimaraner Owners Recommend

I have asked other Weimaraner owners what toys they recommend and these are the results! Please bear in mind that every dog is different, so choose a toy that fits best to your Weim!

Bumi Tug Toy

WEST PAW Bumi Tug Toy

Bumi is an S-shaped toy that can be stretched to twice its size, allowing you to throw it for your dog to fetch. Bumi’s design makes it the perfect tug-of-war toy because it won’t cause any damage to your dog’s mouth, teeth, or gums.

Bear in mind this is not a chew toy. Bumi should be used for either fetch and game of tug. Don’t let your dog chew on it, especially if you have a strong chewer.

And when you see that the Bumi has gotten filthy, just put it on the top rack of the dishwasher, and it will be as good as new for your Weim to enjoy it. It’s latex-free and recyclable!


  • durable
  • dishwasher safe
  • available in a variety of bright colors
  • ideal for dogs that love to play tug-of-war and fetch


  • not a chew toy
  • not recommended for strong chewers
Orbee Toy

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Dog Toy

Keeping our pets entertained with just one toy can be a challenge, and sometimes we don’t have time to play with them. So a toy that we can leave to entertain them for a long period can be very useful. With this in mind, Planet Dog has developed this magnificent Orbee-Tuff Snoop interactive dog toy.

This toy is ideal for keeping your Weim entertained as they have to sniff, kick and play with the Orbee to get the tasty rewards inside. If you have to go out and your Weimaraner suffers from separation anxiety, Orbee is a great way to keep them occupied and calm.

You can read more on how to deal with separation anxiety in Weimaraners here.

It’s free of phtalates, BPA and lead, and manufactured in USA.


  • BPA, phtalate and lead-free
  • brain stimulating
  • ideal for dogs suffering from anxiety
  • incredible treat dispenser


  • some dogs can get bored quickly

Deer Antler

WhiteTail Naturals Deer Antler

This 8″ deer antler by WhiteTail Naturals is suitable for large breeds and for dogs that chew aggressively.

The antlers are hand-selected, washed, cut, and trimmed again, then sanded to be 100% safe for your pet’s dental health.

Besides, these dog treats are filled with natural minerals, have little to no odor, don’t make a mess, and are also durable enough to be enjoyed by any dog, whether outdoors or indoors.

They are free of preservatives, any kind of chemicals, and additives, and you can be sure that your Weim will be occupied with this long-lasting chew for many hours.


  • no sharp edges, no splintering
  • durable
  • natural
  • good for teeth


  • some dogs may not like it

Tuff Treader

Jolly Pets Tuff Treader 6″ Toy

Not only is this Tuff Treader by Jolly Pets great for fetch, the occassional tug and some quality chew time, but you can also spread peanut butter or some other yummy stuff on the inner rim for your pup to get.

This toy is made of extra tough natural rubber, so should be good for power chewers. The 6″ version can fit a standard tennis ball, so you can give your Weim an extra mental exercise trying to get the ball out.

The handle seems to be the only weak spot on this toy and it’s probably the first thing your dog will try to gnaw off. However, even without the handle the toy is still usable and can provide lots of fun for your pup.


  • pretty durable
  • washable
  • some dogs love to toss is around and it bounces unpredictably


  • the handle is the weak spot for power chewers

Dash Dog Frisbee

West Paw Dash Dog 8″ Frisbee

If your Weimaraner loves frisbees, then this Dash Frisbee by West Paw might just be the right fit for them.

Thanks to its shape and weight, it doesn’t fly as far as a regular frisbee. But Dash is excellent at rolling as well, which might be great for those Weims who have a high prey drive. Its ability to float makes it a great toy for fetch in water.

It comes in three vibrant colors (blue, pink, yellow), latex-free and non-toxic. Since this is a frisbee, it’s not meant to be chewed on.


  • pretty durable
  • floats in water
  • soft for dog’s mouth
  • made in USA
  • FDA compliant


  • doesn’t fly far like regular frisbee due to its weight and shape

Let me know what is your Weim’s favorite toy and I might add it here!

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  1. William Robinette
    William Robinette
    April 29, 2021 at 12:30 am

    OMG! I bought one of the latex pigs for my 5mo service dog trainee. The ONLY thing that catches his attention while playing with is is food. He loves this thing and it’s a great sour e of humor while hes playing with it. Gonna take videos!!!

    • Dana - author
      April 29, 2021 at 10:49 am

      They are pretty great, right? Certainly beats the usual squeaker sounds!


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