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Is There a Miniature Weimaraner?

If you’d like a dog that looks like a Weimaraner, but the regular size of the breed might seem too much, you might be looking for a miniature Weimaraner.

Unfortunately, a miniature Weimaraner doesn’t exist. The name is misleading at best, and a lie at worst, perpetuated by unethical breeders.

Weimaraner Puppy
Weimaraner Puppy (Nelly)

Miniature Weimaraner Breeders

If someone is trying to sell you a “miniature Weimaraner”, it should raise a big red flag. That person is lying to you and trying to scam you.

Again, miniature Weimaraners do not exist.

Breeders advertising their dogs as such are unethical, and most likely run a puppy mill.

This is all done with no regard for the puppy’s health. A good, reputable breeder will test the parents for any health issues to make sure the puppies are healthy. If the parents have any health issues, they will not breed the dog.

Often times, “miniature” Weimaraners (or Weimaraner look-a-likes) come from breeding multiple dog breeds to create the desired look.

As I mentioned above, their health comes secondary in most cases, so your fashion “miniature” Weimaraner may come with a host of health problems, which will cost you a fortune in the long run.

Miniature Dachshund Tommy (tommyandmilli at Instagram)
Miniature Weimaraner? No, fawn & tan colored miniature Dachshund! (Credit ©tommyandmilli)

How Are Miniature Weimaraners Bred?

As I mentioned above, there are multiple ways to do this.

  • Breeding multiple breeds of dogs as an experiment to get the desirable look and traits, just in smaller form
  • choosing Weimaraner puppies with genetic anomalies like dwarfism
  • picking Weimaraner puppies that are the runt of the litter

All of these approaches are really problematic.

Runts of the litter are like that for a reason. They may have hidden health problems or have genetic issues.

Dwarfism (Canine pituitary dwarfism, CPD) is a recessive inherited genetic disorder. As such, dogs with dwarfism should not be bred as this disorder can affect more than just their size.

Weimaraner puppy
Weimaraner puppy

These can range from heart problems and skin issues to kidney failure and underdeveloped organs.

I have seen “Miniature Weimaraner” breeders treating the breeding process like an experiment to get the color and the temperament. I find this quite disturbing, and while I think they probably care about those pups, they come across as just means to an end.

A lot of these mixed breed dogs don’t even have a Weimaraner in their lineage, so to call them Miniature Weimaraners is misleading and a lie.

What Breeds Are Used to Create Miniature Weimaraners?

Breeders would use medium and smaller breeds, which have the most similar traits and looks to the Weimaraner. Dogs with floppy ears and light eyes, and breeds with silver/gray tone of their coat.

weimaraner puppy
Weimaraner Puppy (Nelly)

You could argue that most standard dog breeds were also created by mixing other breeds, but this has been done over a larger span of time.

If these unethical breeders want to create a new breed that looks like a small Weimaraner, go right ahead, but don’t claim that it’s a miniature Weimaraner.

Should I Buy a Miniature Weimaraner?

My answer is a resounding no. You will only perpetuate the circle of unethical breeding practices and encourage such breeders from a puppy mill to continue with their “business”.

Do not buy from breeders advertising Miniature Weimaraners.

And let’s be clear, these people do it for the money, not for the love and respect of the Weimaraner breed.

If you don’t want a regular sized, healthy Weimaraner, do not get a Weimaraner. You should ask yourself why you want a “miniature” Weimaraner. Is their size “inconvenient” for you?

If so, there are other dog breeds of smaller size that have the same or similar temperament. Or is it only the look you’re going for?

Nelly weimaraner puppy
Weimaraner puppy (Nelly)

Alternatives to a Miniature Weimaraner

There are plenty of small dog breeds who are smart, loving and have high energy. You can’t go wrong with a Russel Terrier, Danish Swedish Farm Dog, Fox Terriers and more.

Bear in mind, every dog is different and while Weimaraners have certain breed traits, not all Weimaraners have all the same traits. That goes for any breed of dog.

Small Weimaraner Look-a-Likes

Thanks to the Weimaraner’s unique silver coat, there are not many breeds that have the same color. But there is a one strong contender, and that is a fawn (Isabella) colored Dachshund (regular or miniature).

They have the same floppy ears and light eyes, and if it weren’t for their long body, you could claim they are small Weimaraners.

Miniature Dachshund Tommy (tommyandmilli at Instagram)
Fawn & tan colored miniature Dachshund (Credit ©tommyandmilli)

Dachshunds were, much like the Weimaraner, bred for hunting, and they are very fast and agile. They need regular exercise, though not as much as the Weimaraner. But they need to keep up their muscles to support their back and avoid injury.

They are very affectionate with their families and generally get along well with others. They can be a bit stubborn, but honestly, Weimaraners can be too!

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Is there a miniature Weimaraner?
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  1. Thomas Toms
    Thomas Toms
    February 17, 2023 at 5:12 pm

    Why not get a Vizsla? Beyond the color difference that are very similar except for a Vizsla smaller size at 40-70 lbs,

    • Dana - author
      February 17, 2023 at 8:44 pm

      That’s very true, but by miniature Weimaraner they mean a Beagle sized Weimaraner. Slightly smaller Vizsla probably isn’t an option for those people.


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