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The Viking Dog Diet Review – How To Raw Feed Your Dog

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The Viking Dog Diet is a step-by-step method on how to feed your dog natural and nutritious food with minimal preparation time.

With the number of dog food brands on the market, people are often overwhelmed by the choice and they either continue with the brand that the breeder fed their puppies or what other people recommended (vets included!). Dry dog food is convenient and takes no time and often people are scared of handling raw meat or homemade food because it takes time to prepare.

viking dog diet cover
The Viking Dog Diet cover

Before my sister got Nelly, we researched the Weimaraner breed and how to best care for the dog. That’s how we learned about BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or also Bones And Raw Food). It never really occured to me before (it probably should have but I have been bombarded with ads with dog food for all my life) but it made sense to me.

We know that processed food is bad for humans. So why is it right to feed it to our dogs?

Wolves in the wild don’t eat kibble.

And this is what The Viking Diet is addressing.


The author of The Viking Dog Diet is Ingunn Fjær, originally from Norway but currently based in Canada. She has background in Physics and Mathematics but she left her job to research and study pet nutrition. She enrolled into the DNM University and completed the course, becoming a certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist.

Ingunn is completely open to any questions you may have about the e-book and how to feed your dog raw diet. She also runs her own blog and Youtube channel with many great information about dog food and taking care of your doggo in general.

Ingunn also prepared a free webinar about The Viking Dog Diet.

What you get

The Viking Dog Diet is an extensive e-book that focuses on the method of feeding your dog natural and nutritious diet without any sort of time-consuming homemade recipes from Pinterest and other places.

In addtion to this 232 page e-book you get 3 separate bonuses for FREE (all in PDF):

  • Healthy Alternative Treats – tips and trick how to make simple homemade treats from real food.
  • 5 Minutes A Day Meals – step-by-step guide how to prepare your dog’s food in 5 minutes or less DAILY
  • All-in-one 30 Day Feeding Plan – Ingunn has created a separate e-book for a month-long feeding plan to get you started for your first 4 weeks

Check out Ingunn’s website The Viking Dog Diet for full details.

The e-book is jam-packed with information backed by science. I love all the research that Ingunn did and she provides all her sources for further study. I’m not gonna lie, it can be quite overwhelming and for some even shocking. From mycotoxins to heart disease caused by grain-free kibble, all this information isn’t easy to digest (pardon the pun).

The Viking Dog Diet is divided into individual chapters, the first half of the book is dedicated to the scientific research and case studies, while the second part answers some common questions and gets to the nitty gritty details on how to feed your dog raw food.

It draws parallels between humans and dogs, addresses weight reduction, insulin resistance and the problem with counting calories and exercising. The e-book also describes how to tell if your dog is overweight or obese.

viking dog diet review
One of the case studies

It explains why vets might not be the best option to go to for advice about dog food unless they have extensively studied pet nutrition.

All the information in The Viking Dog Diet is easy to understand, there is no difficult jargon. It explains everything in layman’s terms, as well as describes a step-by-step plan how to transition from kibble to raw food.

At the time of writing this, the table of contents wasn’t clickable for quick navigation.


Once you checkout, you will get instant access to download The Viking Dog Diet e-book and all 3 bonuses.


There is an uncoditional 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you decide this style of feeding is not for you and your dog for whatever reason, you can get your money back. No questions asked.

Does it work?

There are numerous case studies from happy dog owners throughout The Viking Dog Diet e-book. It’s great to see how many dogs got rid of their health problems like skin conditions, obesity, digestive issues and even got off their medication because it was no longer needed. Just by switching their diet to a natural one.

We have been feeding Nelly raw food ever since she switched from puppy food. Her poop is way smaller (smaller than a kibble-fed chihuahua!), her teeth are in great condition, her coat is smooth and shiny and she doesn’t have any health problems. She loves her raw food.


The Viking Dog Diet doesn’t claim to be a quick fix to all your dog’s health problems. But there is an undeniable proof in the case studies that feeding your dog a raw diet is beneficial for their health and often also extends dogs’ lives.

We all want what’s best for our doggos, so if you’re interested in starting to feed your pooch 100% real, natural and nutritious food, go check it out.

Click here for more info on The Viking Dog Diet.

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