Weimaraner FAQ

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If you’ve considered getting a Weimaraner, you probably have a lot of questions. With every breed to you need to make sure that their temperament fits your lifestyle.

Is a Weimaraner great dog for a family with children? Are they great with other pets? Let’s find out! If you have a question that’s not listed here, please contact me at dana@weimaranerplanet.com!

General Information

Weimaraner is pronounced like this:

[ vahy-muh-rah-ner, wahy-, wahy-muh-rey- ]

If you'd like an audio example, listen below.

There are short-haired and long-haired variants of Weimaraner. I've written a post where I explain more about the various types of Weimaraners.

Weimaraner puppies have sky-blue eyes when they are born but unfortunately, most Weims don't keep their blue eyes.

Most Weimaraners have pale to dark amber eyes, some Weims get more greyish looking eyes.

weimaraner's eyes

The breed standard calls for shades of silver, roe or mouse gray. White markings are allowed on the chest and toes. Some Weims have what is called "an eel stripe", which is a darker colored stripe of hair along their back.

There are also blue Weimaraners but they are not recognized as standard and blue color is considered a disqualifying fault.

Yes, Weimaraners are born with long tails. The breed standard calls for a docked tail where permitted by law.

I wrote about Weim's tails and docking in this article.

Yes, Weimaraners are great family dogs! If you are a family living an active life, a Weim will fit right in.

You might want to be more careful around smaller children as Weims are pretty exuberant and can knock them down. Weimaraners are great with children!

Yes, Weimaraners are great with children as their energy matches the kids!

I wrote an in-depth article on Weimaraners with children.

It really depends on the individual Weimaraner and individual pet. Weimaraners are a hunting breed and a lot of them have a strong hunting instinct. This may not bode well for smaller animals around the house.

That being said, Weimaraners can and do live with cats quite happily. I've written an article about Weims and cats here.

Yes! Weimaraners are absolutely fine in an apartment. All they need is enough exercise and to be with their owner. In some ways, an apartment can be better for a Weim since they're in much closer proximity to their owner than in a house with large garden.

You can read my blog post about apartment-dwelling Weims here.

Contrary to popular belief, yes, Weimaraners can live happily outside. No, it's neither cruel nor is it animal abuse.

I wrote a blog post about Weimaraners living outside.

Yes, you can definitely test your dog's DNA to find out whether they're a Weimaraner or a mix of few breeds.

The best dog DNA kit is definitely by EmbarkVet, you can choose whether you want a simple breed identification or whether you want identification and their genetic condition and traits.

Weimaraner Behavior

Weimaraners are generally not aggressive. They are balanced, friendly and loyal, yet they are vigilant. If there's danger, they don't hesitate to defend their owner. Once the danger has passed, they go back to being friendly (unlike aggressive dogs).

Of course any dog may become aggressive without proper guidance and training. Make sure your dog has a lot of mental training on top of physical. If you're struggling with coming up with ideas, check out this great training course.

Weimaraners bark only when necessary. However, if the dog suffers from separation anxiety, they may bark a lot.

I've found that a lot of Weim owners claim that male dogs are more cuddly, whereas female dogs are less cuddly and more standoffish.

But then there are owners with female Weims who are practically stuck to their side. So I'd say that it really depends on the individual dog.

Weimaraners are more prone to separation anxiety, so if you're considering getting one, make sure you have a lifestyle that fits.

With enough patience and training, you can minimize it. I wrote a guide on how to deal with their separation anxiety here.

Weimaraners are knows as "velcro dogs" for their need to be with their owners 24/7. They will follow you even to the bathroom.

Unfortunately this characteristic can be problematic and Weimaraners often suffer from separation anxiety. More on separation anxiety in my article.

Weimaraners are very close to their owners and are very loyal. They are also called "velcro dogs" because they don't want to be separated from their people. They will follow you everywhere, including the bathroom.

Since Weims are so clingy, they can be prone to separation anxiety.

Some (but not all) Weimaraners are prone to a behavior called "nooking". It's kneading and sucking on toys, blankets and other soft things as means of comfort.

Nooking isn't chewing, so the items don't get destroyed and there's no danger of them swallowing something they shouldn't.

Weimaraner Puppies

If you're looking to purchase a Weimaraner puppy from a reputable breeder, it can go as low as $400 and as high as $3,000. Everything depends on the breeder's location, the size of the litter and the history of the parents (whether they're champions or not), the length and color of their coat.

A good rule of thumb is to do 5 minutes of exercise for every month your puppy has. However, do not run with your puppy or let them jump. You can let them freerun if you have somewhere to do that.

Otherwise you can tire your puppy out simply by training obedience at first! 🙂

Weimaraner Health

Weimaraners are prone to bloat (gas-filled stomach flips, causing shock - EMERGENCY!), hip dysplasia, autoimmune disorders.

Next are injuries related to hunting - scrapes, cuts, broken bones, tail injuries if it's undocked.

I wrote a post about the most common health issues in Weimaraners, so make sure to check that out!

In non-emergency, you can try contacting a different vet to see if they will help you. You can also join a Facebook group Pet Vet Corner, where only veterinarians are allowed to reply to people's concerns.

There is also a paid service that gets you 24/7 access to a certified vet either by phone, text or video chat for only $10/month (or $60/year) that you can cancel anytime. Check out Pawp here!

If it's an emergency (like bloat), make sure you have contact to a 24/7 vet emergency clinic!

Weimaraner Care

Weimaraners, just as any other dog, will thrive best on a raw diet. Don't worry, raw diet isn't dangerous for your dog! If you're not sure how to start raw feeding, I wrote a review for The Viking Dog Diet E-book. It's really helpful and and full of research on why you should switch to all natural for your dog.

Yes, Weimaraners do shed! It's not as visible if you have a short-haired Weimaraner but they do shed nonetheless. The amount of shedding depends on the individual.

I wrote an article on Weimaraner shedding here.

Weimaraner Training

Yes, Weimaraners can swim and really love water. Some Weimaraners can be a little wary at first but with time and patience you can teach them.

Here's an article I wrote about teaching your Weim how to swim.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weimaraners