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I’m currently compiling a comprehensive list of Weimaraner rescues all over the world. This list is regularly updated, so check back every now and then or keep an eye on my Weimaraner Rescues blog category.

Clicking on the links below will take you to specific posts on my blog, where you will be able to see all rescues serving the chosen state/country. Some rescues serve more than one state/country, which is always noted in the Weimaraner rescue information.

In these posts I research basic information about each Weimaraner rescue, their social media, their adoption application process and fees and of course, way to volunteer and/or donate to these rescues and any special events these rescues hold.

Weimaraner Rescue Directory

Weimaraner Rescues In General

All rescues are volunteer-run non-profit organizations. Some have a rescue facility with kennels and an open area, other rescues may be completely foster-based (the Weims are placed with foster families from the start until a suitable adoptive family is found).

Some of these foster-based rescues have partnered with local boarding facilities as well.

Most Weimaraners come from shelters or are surrendered. A lot of the time the rescue has no idea about their history, so after medical checks are done, they are placed in foster care to get to know them better and to make sure a suitable family is found.

Adoption Application Process

The application process begins with your filling out an application form usually on the rescue’s website. You will need to fill out information about yourself, the place you live, other family members, your past and current pets and overall experience with dogs.

The rescue will ask you about references from your vet and other people in your life and if you live in an apartment, you will need a written permission from your landlord that you can own a Weimaraner.

After you submit your application, the volunteers will process it – it can take a week or two, remember, they’re all volunteers! They will contact you by phone and ask you additional questions to clear things up.

Then you will set up a date for a home visit, so the rescue can make sure your place is suitable for the adopted Weim.

Weimaraner in bed

If all goes well, your application will be approved! Usually Weims aren’t adopted on first-come-first-served basis; rescues try to match dogs with the best adoptive family that suit their lifestyle and preferences, so it can take a while before a suitable match is found.

If they find a perfect Weim match for you, you will set up a meeting with the dog (your whole family and other dogs if you have them), usually at the foster’s home or at the kennel. If all goes well, you will sign the adoption papers and take your new pup home!

Why Do I Need To Pay An Adoption Fee?

Most rescues will charge you a one-time adoption fee, usually based on the age and overall health of a specific dog. These fees can vary state by state but the general rule is that the younger the Weim, the more you will have to pay for adoption fees.

Adoption fees usually cover basic care, veterinary checks and vaccinations. Some rescues may charge a refundable deposit for a spay/neuter procedure when the puppy is old enough.

The adoption fee is usually paid once the adoption process is complete and you’re bringing your new Weim home.

Weimaraner Rescues in United States

State# Of RescuesType Of RescueAdoption FeesOut Of State Adoptions
Alabama2foster-based~ $150 – $400yes
Arizona2foster-based~ $450yes & no
Arkansas1foster-based~ $150 – $400?
California2foster-based~ $0 – $1,000yes
Colorado2foster-based~ $100 – $500yes
Connecticut1foster-based~ $150 – $400yes
Delaware3foster-based~ $100 – $450yes
Florida2kennel~ $0 – $600yes
Georgia5foster / kennel~ $150 – $400yes
Idaho2foster-based~ $400yes
Illinois1foster-based~ $350 – $600yes
Iowa1foster-based~$100 – $300yes & no
Kentucky2foster-based~ $150 – $400yes
Maine1foster-based~ $150 – $400yes
Michigan2foster-based~ $250 – $600yes
Missouri2foster-based~ $250 – $425yes
Nebraska3foster-based~ $150 – $425yes
New Hampshire
New Jersey2foster-based~ $100 – $400yes
New Mexico
New York2foster-based~ $150 – $450yes
North Carolina2foster-based~ $100 – $400yes
North Dakota
Ohio4foster-based~ $200 – $600yes & no
Oregon1foster-based~ $400yes
Pennsylvania3foster-based~ $100 – $450yes
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Texas2foster-based~ $65 – $400yes & no
Virginia3foster-based~ $100 – $400yes
Washington DC3foster-based~ $100 – $450yes
Washington1foster-based~ $400yes
West Virginia
Wisconsin2foster-based~ $250 – $600yes
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Weimaraner Rescues in Europe

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  1. Bob Beesley
    Bob Beesley
    May 28, 2022 at 7:02 pm

    I’ve had GSP and loved him. He passed away in February, he was 15. He went on first hunting trip a week before he was 6 months old. He helped us get 80 bird’s that trip. Can’t explain the fun these dogs can bring. Don’t even think about one if you don’t have property and time for them. They can be (assholes) lol best dog I’ve had.


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