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Weimaraner Rescues in Florida (Incl. Adoption Process & Fees)

If you live in Florida and are looking to adopt a Weimaraner to a new loving home, I’ve compiled a list of Weimaraner rescues that serve the state of Florida (and sometimes neighboring states as well).

Weimaraner Rescues in Florida

Florida Weimaraner Rescue

Florida Weimaraner Rescue is a part of the Big Dog Ranch Rescue that was founded in 2009 as a non-profit organization. In the past 11 years they have rescued over 47,000 dogs. Their goal is to rescue at least 5,000 dogs a year.

In 2019, Big Dog Ranch Rescue had 2,852 of successful adoptions and over 2,000 dogs saved from high-kill shelters. In total, they have saved 4,132 dogs in 2019.

The rescue sits on a 33 acre land and is the largest no-kill and no-cage rescue shelters in the United States.

Besides adopting a Weimaraner at the rescue, you can also volunteer or apply as a foster. The Ranch Rescue also offers training programs and pet loss grief counselling. You can of course donate money, buy their merch, all proceeds go towards caring for the doggos.

If you wish to help take care of the doggos, you can buy items from their Amazon wishlist.

Adoption Application Process

As with any adoption application, it begins by filling out the adoption application form. You fill out the contact information and then answer questions about your lifestyle, where you live and your previous pet experience. You will need to provide a vet referral/records if you’ve owned a pet before.

You cannot reserve a specific dog via the application form.

Once your application has been processed and approved, the rescue volunteers will get in touch with you and schedule an appointment to visit the ranch.

After you decided which dog you will give new forever home to, you will pay the adoption fee and you can take your new friend back home with you.

The rescue will give you some sample food on the way and your dog will also get a month-long supply of preventative heartworm medication.

All rescued dogs are already spayed/neutered and up to date on all their shots, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Once you’ve adopted your pup, it will be microchipped as well.

Adoption Costs

As Big Dog Ranch Rescue saves all types of dogs and not just Weims, their adoption fee may vary a lot.

Generally, mixed breeds are cheaper and the younger the dog, the higher the adoption fee it is. Here’s a table with the range of adoption fees for both mix and purebreds.

Weimaraner’s AgeAdoption Cost
Puppy (< 1 year)$350 – 600
Adult (1 – 7 years)$250 – 400
Senior (7+ years)$150 – 250
Special needs$100

There’s a discount for veterans and first responders, ranging between $0 to $200 depending on the age of the dog. There’s also a $100 discount on dogs who have been on the ranch for more than six months.

Contact Information

Nelly weimaraner puppy

Lifeline Dog Rescue

Lifeline Dog Rescue is a division of the Central Florida Weimaraner and Dog Rescue, Inc. It was incorporated in 2011 and received the 501(c)(3) tax exempt status of a non-profit organization.

Lifeline sits on a 3 acre fenced area and the dogs can enjoy

On their website they have adoption stories of about 237 successfully adopted dogs over the years. They are very active on social media, so go give them a follow there as well.

Lifeline not only resuces Weimaraners but there are other breeds (either purebred or a mix) that you can choose from.

You can adopt a Weim from this rescue even if you’re not located in Florida, just bear in mind you will need to be able to pick your new pup up at the rescue.

Besides adopting, you can also volunteer to foster or help out at the rescue. You will need to fill out the foster volunteer form. You don’t have to worry about any vet costs as they will be provided by the rescue.

If you can’t adopt another dog, you can choose to sponsor a dog for $100/month via Paypal, send a one-time/recurring donations or purchase items in their shop. All proceeds will go into running the rescue, including vet costs, medicine, food, toys and more.

Adoption Application Process

You can either choose a Weim that has been rescued or you can specify your preference for age and gender and they will search for a dog that meets your criteria. You will need to fill out the adoption request form (here), mention the name of the dog that you’d like to rescue or choose your preferences.

Once Lifeline Dog Rescue has reviewed your application, a volunteer will call you for details and then contact your vet (if any) for referral. If all goes well, the volunteers will set up a home check to make sure the adopted dog will be suitable for your environment.

Next you will schedule an appointment to meet with the dog. It’s advised to take every member of the household (including other dogs), so they can get used to their new pack as a whole.

If you feel your family and the dog are a great fit, you will set up a time where you can pick up your new friend.

Adoption Costs

The adoption fee ranges from $250 to $400, depending on the age, gender and breed.

Contact Information

Do you know of any other Weimaraner rescue that’s serving the state of Florida? Please let me know and I’ll add it here!

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