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Weimaraner Rescues in Kentucky (Incl. Adoption Process & Fees)

Do you live in Kentucky and are looking to adopt a Weimaraner? I have compiled a list of Weimaraner rescues that serve your state (and often neighboring states as well).

You can find information about each rescue, their adoption process and adoption fees.

Weimaraner Rescues Kentucky

Weimaraner Rescues In Kentucky

Louisville Weimaraner Rescue

The Louisville Weimaraner Rescue (LWR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Kentucky. The rescue is entirely foster-based and has been rehoming Weimaraners since 1997.

The rescue serves the states of Kentucky and Indiana, but in some cases might adopt out to neighboring states as well.

It’s funded by donations, adoption fees and fundraising events. Here are some ways you can help the rescue:

  • Donations – by PayPal (one time/monthly)
  • Amazon Smile – at no additional cost to you, you can shop with Amazon, and they will donate a portion to the rescue
  • LWR shop – you can buy t-shirts, hoodies, magnets, calendars and more
  • iGive – if you shop with iGive, they will give up to 26% of every purchase to the rescue at no additional cost to you
  • other ways – please see the linked page
  • volunteer – transporting dogs, helping out at events, helping out with home visits of prospective adoptive families
  • fostering


Foster families are a pillar of every dog rescue organizations. LWR is always looking for new fosters, so if you’d like to do it, make sure to fill out the foster application form and the volunteer waiver (found at the bottom of the linked page).

You will need to specify your living situation, sex, and age preference of the dog (if any), as well as add details about current and previous animals at your household. You will need to provide vet reference and, if you live in an apartment, a permission from your landlord.

Surrendering a Weimaraner

If you find yourself in a difficult living situation, LWR accepts surrender Weimaraners. If you want to give up an aggressive Weimaraner, you will need to find a licensed behaviorist – the rescue will not adopt out aggressive dogs.

You need to fill out the surrender/intake form and specify your dog’s characteristics and traits, and any history with other dogs, cats, children, etc. Your dog should be up-to-date on vaccinations, and you will need to provide a vet record.

The dog will stay with you until a suitable foster family is found.

Adoption Application Process

First, you need to fill out the adoption application form, where you will input details about yourself, your family, your habits and activities, and any other pets residing in your home. You will need to provide a vet reference and a permission from your landlord if you rent.

Please be aware that the rescue doesn’t adopt out dogs on a first-come, first-served basis, but rather chooses the family that is the best fit for the dog. They do not adopt out dogs with aggression problems.

Your application will be processed by the rescue volunteers, which can take up to two weeks. You will be contacted via phone for a short interview, clearing up any issues with your application and discussing how the adoption process works.

The volunteers will also perform a reference check and also a home visit to make sure it’s suitable for your new dog.

You will need to be able to travel to meet and pick the dog up, as the foster families live across Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio as well.

Adoption Costs

There is a $100 refundable deposit on puppies who have not yet been spayed or neutered. All dogs are up-to-date on their vaccinations, heartworm tested (and treated) and on preventative. They’re also microchipped.

Weimaraner’s AgeAdoption Cost
< 11 months$375
12 months – 6 years$300
7+ years$175
Adoption costs for Weimaraners at Louisville Weimaraner Rescue

Contact Information:

Other Weimaraner Rescues Serving Kentucky

The Grayter Good Weimaraner Rescue

The Grayter Good Weimaraner Rescue serves the entire East Coast and reaching as far as Texas. If you’d like to read more about it, please check out my North Carolina Weimaraner Rescues post.

Make sure to visit the rescues’ websites and social media post for up-to-date information on Weims available for adoption. If you know of any other Weimaraner rescues in Kentucky, let me know!

Don’t forget to check websites of general rescues in your area, there’s a chance there will be a Weimaraner or a Weimaraner mix there as well.

Not from Kentucky? Check out my Weimaraner Rescue Directory!

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