Weimaraner Rescues

Weimaraner Rescues In Michigan (Incl. Adoption Process & Fees)

If you live in Michigan and would like to rescue a Weimaraner in need, I’ve compiled a list of all Weimaraner rescues currently serving the state of Michigan.

Not from Michigan? Check out my Weimaraner Rescue Directory!

Weimaraner Rescues in Michigan

Weimaraner Rescues In Michigan

There are two rescues that serve the Michigan state. I’ve already written about their adoption process and fees in the following post as they serve multiple states.

Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue

You can read more about the Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue here.

Senior Moments Weimaraners

For more information about the adoption process and fees, please see the Senior Moments Weimaraners details in this post.

If you know of any other Weimaraner rescues serving the state of Michigan, please let me know in the comments below!

Some non-breed specific rescues might also get a Weimaraner or Weimaraner-mix every now and then, so make sure to check your local shelters as well.

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