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Weimaraner Rescues in Nebraska (Incl. Adoption Process & Fees)

If you’re considering adopting a Weimaraner in Nebraska, you’re in the right place. I have compiled a list of rescues serving the state, and neighboring states too.

You can find information about each rescue, their adoption process and adoption fees.

Weimaraner Rescues in Nebraska

Weimaraner Rescues In Nebraska

Husker Weim Rescue Inc.

NOTE: HWR’s website is currently under construction (updated March 24, 2023), please check their social media!

The Husker Weim Rescue Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, funded entirely by donations. It has been established on January 31, 2018. The rescue is foster based and has no kennel or boarding facilities.

There are several ways you can help the rescue out:

  • Donate – you can donate via Paypal (one time/monthly), by phone, or a mail check
  • Volunteer – the rescue is always looking for volunteers, whether it’s transporting dogs or helping out at events
  • Foster

Fostering is the basis of any rescue. The length of the dog’s stay at a foster family varies by their needs. The family gets to know the dog, so the rescue can match them to the best family.


If you’d like to foster, you will need to fill out the foster application form, you can choose between a printable or digital form. You will need to provide details of yourself and your household, including any pets and where you live (house, apartment, etc.).

You should detail any experience you have with fostering and also include a vet reference. You can specify which dogs you’d prefer to adopt (sex, age) or you can leave that out if you don’t a preference.

The rescue will provide food and any medical treatments necessary (like heartworm medicine). You will be in touch with a foster coordinator, who will make sure your home is suitable and resolve any issues that may arise during fostering.


It’s not an easy decision to surrender a beloved pet in difficult circumstances. Sometimes the obstacles can be overcome with some outside help and surrendering is the very last option.

You can contact the rescue to figure out whether surrendering is the best option in your situation.

Adoption Application Process

The adoption process begins by filling out an adoption application form. You can do so digitally or print it out.

You will need to fill out the information about yourself, your household members and any pets. If you live in an apartment, you will need to provide a permission from your landlord.

You can specify which type of dog you’d prefer (sex, age). You will need to describe your future’s dog day to day – is your yard (if you have one) fenced? Where will the dog sleep? How often will they be at home alone? Personal and vet references are required as well.

Adoption Costs

Weimaraner’s AgeAdoption Cost
8 weeks – 12 months$400
1 – 3 years$325
4 – 9 years$250
> 10 years$150
Adoption Costs of Weimaraners at Husker Weim Rescue

Adoption costs for Weimaraner mixes are the following:

Weimaraner Mix’s AgeAdoption Cost
8 weeks – 12 months$200
> 1 years$150
Adoption Costs of Weimaraner Mixes at Husker Weim Rescue

Contact Information:

Other Weimaraner Rescues Serving Nebraska

Wonder Weims Rescue

The Wonder Weims Rescue is based in Missouri, so I have posted details about the rescue in my Missouri Weimaraner Rescues post.

Heartland Weimaraner Rescue

I have covered the Heartland Weimaraner Rescue in my Oklahoma rescues post.

Make sure to visit the rescues’ websites and social media post for up-to-date information on Weims available for adoption. If you know of any other Weimaraner rescues in Nebraska, let me know!

Don’t forget to check websites of general rescues in your area, there’s a chance there will be a Weimaraner or a Weimaraner mix there as well.

Not from Nebraska? Check out my Weimaraner Rescue Directory!

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