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30+ Stunning Weimaraner Tattoos For Inspiration

Tattoos are a wonderful way to remember and honor our pets – leave their imprint forever on our skin just like they had imprinted in our hearts. There are so many styles of tattoos that you can choose from – traditional, abstract, black work, color work, silhouette, and many more.

If you want to get a tattoo of your Weimaraner but are not sure what you’d like, I compiled a list of cool Weimaraner tattoos and linked to the artists who had done them (if I could find them).

These tattoos are for inspiration only, please DO NOT copy these tattoos. It’s a poor etiquette and reputable tattoo artists will not tattoo someone else’s design on you. You can show your artists these tattoos that you like and let them get creative, putting their own spin on it.

How To Pick A Tattoo Artist

Speaking from experience, it’s so tough to pick just one tattoo artist because there are just SO MANY amazing ones. You need to spend considerable amount of time browsing Facebook pages and Instagram accounts of tattoo artists to find out which styles you most like.

Many times people choose to travel for their tattoo, so don’t just lock yourself into your location if you’re able to travel to get that perfect Weim tattoo.

Tattoo Prices

Tattoos are not cheap and if someone offers to tattoo you for $50, run away! Often times these people tattoo in non-sterile environments (like their kitchen, basement, garage…), don’t follow safety guidelines and are willing to copy.

They might be unexperienced, heavy handed and the design may not turn up like you wanted to with wonky lines and on top of that you can get an infection.

It’s better to pay up for a quality tattoo at a reputable tattoo studio rather than pay later for laser removal treatments or cover ups.

Prices will often vary, depending on the size and location of the tattoo and the shop’s physical location. Your chosen studio may also have apprentices, who generally tattoo for lower prices since they’re in training. It’s up to you whether you’d like a regular tattoo artist or wouldn’t mind being tattooed by an apprentice.

Weimaraner Tattoos

There are so many gorgeous Weimaraner tattoos to choose from and it was really difficult to only select a reasonable number. Otherwise this post would be much longer than it is now.

I’ve tried to include as much tattoo styles as I could from talented tattoo artists all over the world. I link their Instagram profiles, so you can check their beautiful portfolios!

The realistic portrait of a Weim was designed and tattooed by the world famous tattoo artist Megan Massacre. Megan is located in New York and works in her studio Grit N’ Glory.

I love the way it’s made, the coat is shiny and very life-like, the nose and tongue look truly wet. I like the way it’s framed and design of the purple gem on the bottom.

The black linework was done by Kat Whysall. Kat is based in London, United Kingdom. The addition of the flowers nicely frame the head of the Weim and give them a sassy personality.

I love the coloring on the tattoo made by Daria Mlecna. Daria is located in Brno, Czech Republic. Daria has a variety of styles, so do check out her Instagram!

I’m loving the Wegman-like Weimaraner tattoo! Nice blackwork and very realistic. It was done by Valerio Barbaro of Crisalide Tattoo, which is located in Conegliano, Italy.

I love the two different viewpoints of the Weimaraner. Vera Rupf definitely captured the classic Weimaraner gaze and I like the addition of the mandalas. Vera is located in Budapest, Hungary.

I like the bold colors of the neo-traditional tattoo by Junka, which shows a Weimaraner in their natural habitat – pointing! Junka works in the Luxembourg Electric Avenue studio.

I can almost imagine a real Weimaraner’s coat texture while looking at this tattoo from Mike DeVries. It looks so smooth and silky and I kind of want to pet it. 😀 Mike is located in Northridge, California.

Two for the price of one! We have a neo-traditional blue Weimaraner on top and a Great Dane on the bottom. I love the bold colors and the composition. The tattoo was done by Santiago Rivera, who is located in Hereida, Costa Rica.

This neo-traditional tattoo of a Weimaraner surrounded by the animals they hunt was done by Angie Fey, who’s located in Toronto, Canada. Really love the vibrant colors and the overall composition with added foliage.

The second tattoo was done by Brittany Lafaille. I love the interesting line work and of course the flower crown! Brittany is located in Clemson, North Carolina.

A very nice black and grey work by Pata, Ventura, California. I really love the spot on expression on the Weim’s face and the loving hand of their owner.

Watercolor tattoos have been really popular over the last decade or so. I like the color combination of the tattoo done by Markus Schröder, though I’d prefer to see more bold black lines in the design to give the tattoo more longevity. Markus is located in Wesseling, Germany.

The tattoo and the model! I like the shading on the portrait and their clever expression! Tattoo was done by Maja Owczarek from Kraków, Poland.

I love this type of linework and sketch-like style. The color splashes make the tattoo more vibrant. Done by Mireia Mateos from Madrid, Spain.

Traditional-style tattoos can be super fun even with a limited color palette! I love the addition of the monocle, pearls, lace and a hat on this very vibrant tattoo made by Eight Coins. They are located in Missoula, Montana.

Love the textures in this portrait tattoo by Artur Gil, especially the realistic eyes and the texture of the nose. Artur is located in Barcelona, Spain.

The subtle dotwork on this piece is really pretty and the tattoo by Black Soul Tattoo Studio perfectly captures a Weimaraner’s personality. The studio is located in Corciano, Italy.

A lovely neo-traditional portrait of a Weimaraner surrounded by flowers, plants and other animals. The tattoo was done by Meag Stouck, who is located in Nanaimo, Canada.

Marek Hali created this gorgeous, almost photo-like tattoo of a Weim. Really like the vibrant blue in the background! Marek is located in Gorlice, Poland.

I like the different take on a Weimaraner portrait, showing their anatomy in this blackwork tattoo done by LVDK Tattoos. She is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

A lovely rememberance tattoo in neo-traditional style. I like the addition of the wings and the ribbon with Ozzy’s name. The tattoo was done by Mike Metaxa in Austin, Texas.

Lovely dotwork by Jamie Allen, nicely framed with foliage. Jamie is located in Georgetown, Kentucky.

I love linework, dotwork, sacred geometry and the like, so this tatoo by Eszter caught my eye immediately! Eszter is located in Hungary.

The watercolor tatoo of a Weim is so cute! Like the addition of hearts and the paw and the purplish color actually works! Tattoo by Simona Blanar who is located in Prague, Czech Republic.

This is a beautiful portrait by La Manuela, I really like the shading and the circle behind the dog, which frames the whole portrait nicely. The studio is located in Madrid, Spain.

I like the cartoon, neo-traditional spin on the Weimaraner! Really nice shading and color matching. Tattoo done by Jona Sossi, who is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A lovely neo-traditional portrait by Chrissy Erhayel. Great vibrant colors and use of traditional elements. Chrissy is located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Again, beautiful linework and dotwork by Nati Gutiérrez. Flowers at the bottom nicely frame the Weim’s head. Nati is located in Curridabat, Costa Rica.

Absolutely adore this tattoo because of the creative placement of the various flowers, and of course, bonus points for both the tattoo and the model in one photo! Tattoo was made by Sarah Mifsud, who is located in Rabat, Malta.

A beautiful, simple silhouette is sometimes enough for a rememberance piece. Done by No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo, who is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This Weimaraner portrait depicts the well-known expression of these doggos. I like the shading and the addition of amber color in their eyes. The tattoo was done by Giulia Montanaro, who is located in Biella, Italy.

Beautiful linework and dotwork by Raven. I like the addition of the heart and the Weim’s name. Raven is located in Katowice, Poland.

I like the thick outer lines and thinner detail lines on this tattoo done by JTM Tattoo. The two twigs nicely frame the entire portrait. Jean The Man is from Trencin, Slovakia.

Beautiful linework and I like that Twiggzy made the eyes blue! She’s located in Bryanston, South Africa.

Other Weimaraner Tattoo Ideas

A portrait of your Weimaraner or a general Weimaraner are not the only options for a tattoo. A lot of people choose to have their pup’s paw print(s) or just simply their name in a nice font.

The paw prints don’t have to be just black paw pads, there are many ways which paw tattoo can be done. Check out a few beautiful paw print tattoos for some inspiration below.

Such a pretty paw tattoo by Kerrie Em. I like the flowers surrounding it and the little splash of color on the leaves. Kerrie is located in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

This is a different take on a paw tattoo and I like that it shows a relationship between a pet and their owner. Fine line tattoos are very pretty, just keep in mind that the line will go thicker over time. The tattoo was done by Liah, who is located in Cologne, Germany.

The first paw print tattoo is rather simple but the extra detailing and added splashes of color really make it interesting. Tattoo by Priscilla, who is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Another variation of the paw theme with a “portrait” of the dog. I like the different textures! Done by Lily J, who is located in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Such a nice twist on the paw print style – an entire Weimaraner leg! I like the floral elements as well. Done by Ao Matsuda, who is located in Columbus, Ohio.

I chose this tattoo by Roy because to me, it looks super realistic. It might not be a Weimaraner paw, but the textures of the pads and the detail of the coat is just amazing. Roy is located in Berga, Spain.

Do you have a Weimaraner tattoo of your own? If you do and would like to be featured here, please send me an email with a photo of your tattoo (or a link to your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/etc.) and the artist who did it!

Let me know which tattoos above you like the most in the comments below!

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