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Weimaraner vs Vizsla: What’s The Difference? (Complete Guide)

If there is one dog breed that gets confused with the Weimaraner most often, it has to be the Vizsla. For people who are not aware of the breed differences, the Vizsla might just look like a rust or “orange” colored Weimaraner.

While they look extremely similar, there are a few key differences.

The Vizsla, also called Hungarian Pointer, is generally smaller in size (up to 24 inches and 60lbs) while the Weimaraner can reach up to 27 inches and 90 lbs.

Vizsla’s coat has a variety of colors, from golden rust, red, golden, rust or sand yellow and can have white markings. Weimaraner come in shades of gray from mouse gray to silver gray and can have small white marking on the chest.

Despite their rather striking resemblance, the two breeds do not share the same history and are not related.

I made an image quiz where you can test your knowledge about these two breeds. Can you tell the difference between a Weimaraner and a Vizsla?

BreedLifespanDog SizeDog WeightCoat ColorSheddingDog PersonalityPuppy Cost
Weimaraner10-13 yearsup to 27″up to 90 lbsgray, blueseasonalvery active$700-2,500
Vizsla12-14 yearsup to 24″up to 60 lbsgolden rust, red, rust, sandy yellowseasonalvery active$800-1,800
Weimaraner vs Vizsla comparison table
Weimaraner vs Vizsla
Weimaraner vs Vizsla

Both breeds look very similar – from their typical floppy silky ears to their blunt long muzzles. Despite Vizsla’s long legs, they’re considered a medium breed whereas the Weimaraner is considered a large breed.

While both breeds usually have solid color coat, the Weimaraner is typically gray or silver, sometimes blue. The Vizsla comes in golden rust, rust, red or sandy yellow colors. Both breeds can have small white markings on the chest.

Weimaraner’s nose is usually darker (brown) than their coat while Vizsla’s nose is pretty much blending in with their coat.

Both breeds are large but they vary in size. Vizsla is generally smaller, reaching up to 24 inches in height and 60 pounds in weight. Weimaraners are more muscular and can stand up to 27 inches and weigh up to 90 pounds.

Weimaraner vs Vizsla

If docking is allowed, Weimaraners’ tails get usually cropped at about 6 inches length to cover the genitalia, while Vizslas will have their tail docked about 1/3. I wrote an article about docking Weimaraners’ tails here.

If you’d like to see more breeds that are similar in appearance to Weimaraners, check out my post here.

Personality of Weimaraner vs Vizsla

Both breeds are known for their high intelligence and lively disposition. Both breeds are affectionate, sensitive and protective.

They’re both eager to please their owner and therefore are easy to train.

They love their families and want to be close to them. The Vizsla, as well as the Weimaraner, is prone to separation anxiety, which can lead to a host of undesirable behavior from destruction to barking.

I’ve written a post about battling separation anxiety in Weimaraners which you can read.

As both breeds were bred for hunting, they usually have a stronger prey drive. It’s not recommended to have any smaller animals in the house (bunnies, hamsters, etc.) due to this issue.

They can be a bit rambunctious and due to their size they could knock a small child over. Always supervise your kids when they’re around a dog and teach both the dog and the child how to behave around each other.

vizsla hunting
Vizsla hunting

General Care of Weimaraner vs Vizsla

The Vizsla and Weimaraner have a similar short-haired coat, so that means they are pretty easy to groom. They both shed seasonally (I wrote about Weimaraner’s coat here) but since their coat is so short, it’s fairly easy to deal with.

Both breeds have no undercoat and all they need is a weekly brushing with a rubber brush. They don’t need regular baths, only if they’re really dirty. They both don’t have that doggy smell.

Training & Exercise of Weimaraner vs Vizsla

As I mentioned before, both of these breeds are very active a need a lot of activity to keep them happy.

As such, they’re not suitable for families who tend to laze around. A family with an active lifestyle will be much more better suited for both Vizslas and Weimaraners.

Both breeds make great hunting dogs thanks to their great sense of smell but they will also enjoy the challenge of field trials, obedience, agility, tracking, search and rescue work.

The Vizslas can be also great as therapy and assistance dogs. They’re very versatile and can adapt quickly to new things.

Weimaraners can be also used for therapy work but it very much depends on the individual pup.

Lifespan & Health Issues of Weimaraner vs Vizsla

Both Weimaraner and Vizslas are generally healthy breeds. Weimaraner’s lifespan is shorter on average, around 10-13 years, while Vizsla can live between 12-14 years. The oldest Weimaraner lived to be 18 years and 10 months old and the oldest recorded Vizsla was 20 and a half years old.

Some health issues are common in both breeds, such as hip dysplasia and eye disorders such as entropion (inward rolling of the eyelid) or ectropion (outward rolling of the eyelid).

They can also suffer from epilepsy, elbow dysplasia, autoimmune disorders and thyroid issues.

A lot of these issues are genetic, so selecting a good breeder with tested parents, you can minimize the risk of your pup developing one of these problems.

Make sure your pup is check for hip dysplasia, thyroid issues, eye issues and also cardiac evaluation.

Since both breeds are deep chested, they’re at higher risk of developing life-threatening condition called gastric dilatation volvulus, commonly known as bloat and torsion of the stomach.

Read more about common health problems in Weimaraner here (including how to spot bloating).

vizsla puppies
Vizsla puppies

Average Puppy Price of Weimaraner vs Vizsla

The average price of Weimaraner puppies has increased dramatically. The average price used to be between $700 and $1500 but recently in 2021, there have been puppies for sale costing $2600.

On average, Vizsla puppies will cost between $800 to $1,800.

Both price ranges can vary depending on the breeder and the parent’s heritage and the legitimacy of the American Kennel Club registration.

Bear in mind that neither extremes outside of these ranges (far too cheap or far too expensive) are not a good thing. It can be a sign of an inexperienced breeder (“backyard breeder”), dog mill puppies that people either want to sell for cheap or very expensive.

Good breeder will screen the health of potential parents and their pedigrees and will try to breed the puppies for the best combination of temperament, health and skills.

There are rescue shelters for both breeds running across United States and all over the world as well.

Vizsla rescues

United States Vizsla Rescue

United Kingdom Vizsla Rescue

Australia Vizsla Rescue

Europe Vizsla Rescue

weimaraner puppies
Weimaraner puppies

Advantages & Disadvantages of Both Breeds



  • active outdoor dog
  • easy to groom
  • loyal
  • highly Intelligent
  • good guard dog
  • eager to please


  • requires lots of exercise
  • lack of undercoat
  • boisterous and unruly when young
  • can be prone to separation anxiety
  • strong-willed
  • potentially aggressive to smaller animals
  • can be over-excitable
  • needs a solid recall



  • athletic outdoor dog
  • very adaptable to any sort of work
  • highly intelligent
  • good guard dog
  • eager to please
  • loves their family


  • requires a lot of exercise
  • prone to separation anxiety
  • lack of undercoat
  • potentially aggressive to smaller animals
  • needs a solid recall


Weimaraners and Vizslas are not all that different. They look almost the same and are similar in temperament and their hunting background.

Don’t forget to take the short ‘Weimaraner or Vizsla?’ quiz!


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    Wiemaraner for me 39 years 4 males at a time I love them

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    Vizslas are AMAZING!!! I have one at my house and they love their owners. If you do not have one, get one!


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