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William Wegman: Being Human Book Review

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I have been eyeing this book for a long while now. I didn’t know what to get my brother in law for Christmas this year, William Wegman’s: Being Human book randomly popped into my brain. He’s not much of a reader, so this book is perfect for him.

Who Is William Wegman?

William Wegman is an American artist, who is widely known by creating compositions of his Weimaraners. He was born December 2, 1943 in Massachusetts and lives in New York and Maine. He still creates photos, paintings, videos and drawings to this day, helped by his sweet gray companions, Topper and Flo.

His first Weimaraner was Man Ray in 1970 and Wegman took him to his studio. He didn’t expect his dog would be so calm and focused and definitely didn’t anticipate for Man Ray to be the subject of his works. Man Ray was a blue Weimaraner.

With his second dog, Fay Ray, became the era of dressed dogs in his works. Over his more than four decades of his career he has worked with 14 Weimaraners.

I think his work shows that Weimaraners need a job, whatever it is, and they are great at it. They are great at being still due to their hunting background

Basic Book Details

Name: Being Human
Author: William E. Ewing, William Wegman
Publisher: Chronicle Books (October 3, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1452164991
Book size: 5.88 x 1.25 x 8.38 inches (14.9cm x 3.2cm x 21.3cm)
Weight: 2.02 pounds (916 g)
Type: paperback, 352 pages

First Look & Feel

With over 350 pages of high quality paper and a little over 2 pounds, this thick book is prety hefty. The cover and the pages inside are matt (or semi-matte), so you don’t have to worry about leaving any sort of fingerprints behind.

The cover doesn’t have a jacket but it does have a fold inside on the front and back with information about the book itself and the authors, both William Wegman and William E. Ewing.

I have to say though, I’m not really sure whether the small paperback format was best for this book. I’m really afraid to open it fully to look at the photos properly. I don’t want to crack the binding and make the pages fall out. I think it would work best in larger format that you could open entirely without compromising the binding.


After a foreword from the author William E. Ewing, , the book is split thematically into 16 parts. There are single page photos but also photos that spread across two pages. Each photo has a name and the year. At the end of the book you can find a list of all the works and the names of the Weimaraners in them.


Physique focuses on the bodies of Weimaraners in a artful way. It features their chests from various angles, paws, backs and more. There are a total of 7 photos in this section.


Masquerade is pretty self-explanatory – the Weimaraners are all wearing all kinds of props from bear mask, rose petals covering their eyes, wigs, knight armor and more. There are 16 photos in this section.


Hallucinations is a very nice collection of artful photos. Photos using double/multiple exposure, photos of Weims taken through glass, fabric, paper and more. There are 17 photos in this section.


This is where things get more fun! In the Vogue section you can find Weimaraners modelling shoes, hats, wigs and dresses and more. There are a total of 14 photos in this set.


The Cubists section uses boxes as props. The Weims are placed in a variety of poses, from sitting, standing, under the box, inside the box and even over the box. There are 21 photos in total.


The Zoo section takes the dogs and all kinds of fabrics and props to make them look like different animals. There are 18 photos in this section.

People Like Us

People Like Us features probably the most familiar Wegman’s photos. There are Weims in uniforms, casual clothes, shirts, hoodies, wigs and more, illustrating also the many professions humans can have. There are 19 photos in total in this section.


Sometimes I wonder how the dogs can pose so patiently. There is a variety of sitting or lying poses on chairs, sofas and other props in this section, containing 22 photos.


Tales is another section of “dressed dogs”. There are Weims in opera dresses, old style clothes and wigs, inside a Star Trek poser cutout as a member of the team, etc. There are 16 photos in total.

Color Fields

Color Fields is a section with 17 photographs in total. It plays with color backgrounds and colorful props.


In Disiguise, the Weimaraners are hiding under blankets or are wrapped in various fabric and paper. There are 12 photos in total in this section.


The Terrain section uses nature, whether real or painted, as a background or as props. There are 10 photos in this section.


If you’re a fan of Weimaraners dressed as people, this section with 19 photos is just perfect for you. Weims in dresses, cowboy boots, shirts and more!


Stay is quite a remarkale collection of positions that the dogs were able to stay in and/or balance in. There are 26 photos in total.

People We Like

The 19 photos in People We Like portrays Weimaraners in human clothes again, each more hilarious than the next. You can see a fisherman, singer, Hansel & Gretel, janitor, golfer, dog walker and more!


Nudes is a collection of pretty funny photos depicting Weimaraners in their various lying poses. As all Weimaraner owners know, sometimes our dog’s sleeping positions can look very uncomfortable! There are 20 photos in this section.


Being Human is jam-packed with the best works of William Wegman and some never-before seen photographs of his favorite subject – Weimaraners. This book is definitely a great gift for a Weimaraner owner (or a lover!).

Please let me know if you have any questions about the book! 🙂

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